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This mod adds friend codes to Minecraft, which are an easy way to play in the same world with remote friends. They can be created by selecting "Open To...", which replaces "Open To LAN", and selecting the "Friend Code" submenu. They can be connected to through "Multiplayer" -> "Direct Connect", which also gets a "Friend Code" submenu.

This mod is not about you, the player; it is about showing alternatives to, in this case, Minecraft Realms, and more generally centralized systems, which tend to milk the userbase for money, while providing a subpar experience. After all, you can't run mods on Realms, and there's no guarantee they won't ban you for something you did between you and your friends, even when none of your friends want you banned for it, based on their interpretation of how they think you should manage your relationships. These alternatives may require active community participation and sharing of resources, such as by running I2P routers, but their benefits may be absolutely worth it.

Install instructions

  • Requires Fabric. Can be used with any Fabric modpack.
  • External dependencies: Requires I2P to be installed and running for friend code functionality, but does not prevent launching the game. I2P must be configured for SAM bridge.


friendcode-mc1.19-1.1.0.jar 64 kB

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